2 Nights on Mt Adams

Excellent hike in the Whites this past weekend. Went with Cindy, Tom, Gil (leader) and a new backpacker Alexus. The original plan was to spend the night at the Log Cabin along the Lowes path, summit Mt Adams and down the other side along the Osgood trail, terminating at Dolly Coop Campground. However, time and weather played a little trick and we decided not to summit and to just hang at the night at Crag Cabin.

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Hike in Hanover

Got to hike with Cindy Tristan and Angie. Hadn’t seen Angie in probably a good year. Was great to see her. The plan was to start on the east end of the segment, and head west. The reason was that the map had indicated the climb was going to be much more difficult then it actually was. In hind site, I would have started at the west end and hiked east. Going down the steep section was not that hard. Also, I would have compared a couple maps to ensure the trail was where my maps say it was. Turns out my planning map (Delorme) had the trail going up a steep section. The actual trail however was switchbacked and nice and easy.

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13 Falls backpacking trip

I lead a beginners backpacking trip to 13 Falls in the whites this weekend. The streams were a bit high, and the noobs found it a bit of a challenge crossing them, but overall, the trip was easy and fun for all. We had myself, Nancy, Cindy, Pauline, Gil, Tristan, Diana and Trixie the dog.

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Weather for the whites

A few links to make checking the weather in the White Mountains a little easier.

Radar over the whites. West of Hwy 93 is Cannon Mountain, right side of 93 is Franconia Notch state park. The Franconia Ridge runs along 93.

North conway is on the eastern side of the whites. The Kangamagus Hwy cuts through the middle of the whites, and 302 goes to the north before cutting through.

Higher summits forcast from Mount Washington.

Mount Chocorua Hike

“One of the most popular and frequently photographed peaks in the White Mountains, Mount Chocorua offers many options to ascend its rocky summit. While you cannot go wrong regardless of your choice, this trek from the north provides the most moderate ascent and offers a number of intriguing diversions, including scenic Champney and Pitcher Falls and the serene, summit of Middle Sister Mountain. Believed to be the final chapter of an all-too-common struggle between European settlers and Native Americans, the mountain may hold the remains of a courageous young Chocorua who plunged to his untimely death hundreds of years ago.”

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Cannon Mountain Hike

“Spectacular views from multiple angles and diverse vantage points highlight this challenging but extremely rewarding loop in New Hampshire’s Franconia Notch. The circuit scales Cannon Mountain’s dome-shaped summit and rises to the top of the immense cliffs that the majestic “Old Man of the Mountain” once called home. Descending ladders and wandering over scenic ledges, the route drops to the placid waters of Lonesome Lake and its famous mountain backdrops. Concluding along the banks of the Pemigewasset River, the full-day journey has much to offer to the hardiest of travelers.”

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Grafton Loop Backpacking Trip

We start at the southern trail head and head east to Puzzle Mountain, then north to Town Corner or Knoll Campsite. Spend the night, and continue west were we meetup with the Appalachian trail. Following the AT, we will hit the northern trail head of the Grafton Loop, and hope in cars back to the southern trail head.

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Pemi wilderness loop

We completed this trip the weekend of April 27, 2013. What a fantastic trip it was. Went from the Lincoln Woods visitor center to the bond cliffs, spent the night at Guyot shelter. Next morning we got a tour of the Galehead Hut as it was just opening up. Then we headed down the twin brook trail, and that is were things got interesting, and we ended up spending an extra night in the wilderness.

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